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Hugs From Afar

We are launching a program designed to bring joy, comfort, and reminders that no one in our community is alone. We are dedicated to filling the gaps that are often overlooked, meeting our community in celebratory or vulnerable moments that truly matter through and beyond blood cancer.

Send a hug.png

Send a Hug

I am looking to send joy and comfort to someone I know who is navigating blood cancer. 

All Hugs are sponsored by our PO6 community. 

All you need is a HUG. (2).png

Receive a Hug

I am a patient and looking to be apart of a positive community.


As we build this community, your input is valuable.

All you need is a HUG. (3).png

Sponsor a Hug

I want to support and help by sponsoring a hug. 

Your donation will fulfill Hugs From Afar packages. You can personalize the sponsorship amount.

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