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Our Roots

legacy lives on.

The Press On 6 (PO6) Foundation began in response to a need for community, education, and better understanding for blood cancer patients and their loved ones. The building blocks of PO6 reflect the power of positivity and belief that community is our superpower. A relatable community can provide purpose and a better understanding- leaving you feeling a little less alone. We take our inspiration from Chris Crawford, who was diagnosed with blood cancer, Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS). He took the opportunity to live his life fully. For him, it was simply a choice about how he wanted to be in the world, and the shockwave of his positivity served as a light to all who met him. Press On 6 exists to carry on his legacy, lending strength, courage and support to those navigating through and beyond blood cancer. 

Life is beautiful. Press On. 

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